Monday, June 15, 2009

Finally Updated!

In my last post, I told you I had been busy working on my first afghan. Well, Hallelujah! Saints be Praised!, etc. It is finally finished. I must say, I'm rather proud of my first effort. I think it's kind of pretty. I hope you all like it too. I also photographed several hats I'd completed. Most are in what I call my "Black Medley" line. I had so much of this yarn that I couldn't help experimenting with them. All of the hats seen are original. I created as I crocheted. You will also see repetitions of my earlier creations, 'Shrooms and "Harf. I made them in spring colors. I'm going to work on writing down the pattern soon.

My next project? Well a cousin has challenged me to make her a tank top and/or a halter. I don't know what pattern she'll choose, but it will be fun to try. I forgot to photograph the infant crocs I made. I'll show them in a later post. I want to give proper credit to the creator of the pattern. Well I had fun crocheting these projects. I hope you enjoy viewing. Until next time...

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